Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baffled by the Bullshit

You need look no further than a glance to the right to see I haven't made a post since March. In that A lot of crap has been going on in the American political landscape. Romney clenched the Republican nomination and brought an end to, what I thought, was the greatest political circus in the history of ever. It was so damn amusing watching the candidates tearing each other down that I wanted to campaign for Frothy McSweatervest just so it would keep going and going all the way until November. But, alas, all good things must end. Frothy dropped out and I thought that would be an end to the lulz.

How wrong I was.

You see, I had no clue that Sir AfterLifePlanetOwner would prove to be a circus of his own. The most recent example of his idiocy I can think of off the top of my head would have to be his overseas tour. The British have a reputation for dry humor and a thick skin, but how bad do you have to screw up to get the fucking Prime Minister to insult you? And then blabbing to reporters that you spoke to the head of MI6 when that's a huge no-no over there? After that, he had the bright idea to skip over to Israel and demonstrate his international savvy by calling Jerusalem Israel's capital, which the international community doesn't do. And why did he think it's a bright idea to insult (multiple times) the Palestinians? Did he think it was gonna help smooth over that bad blood by telling them the reason they're constantly getting fucked over is because they worship the wrong god and their culture is inferior to Israel's? Smooth move, Mittens. So how did he wrap up his international tour? With a trip over to Poland where he shows he can't even keep a reign on his own staff after one of his staff members told a reporter to "Kiss my ass."

Mittens has been called The American Borat and after this trip of his overseas I'm inclined to agree. Whatever else he may have said or done over there was painfully overshadowed by this display of incompetence.

But beyond that, the largest reason I haven't made an update lately can be attributed to a quote from W.C. Fields;

“If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

I have been baffled by levels of bullshit I didn't believe was possible before on a scale as large as this. Every time I turn around, they're making fuck-up after fuck-up. At this point, someone would happily point to the polls showing them pretty much in a dead heat but I won't do that because, as I have said to others, its a long way until November. Polls change all the time so at this point, I'm not bothering with them.

There are a lot of things he says and does that strike me as being...wrong. From laughing when "apologizing" about forcibly shaving the head of a fellow student he thought was gay to his insistence that he's not gonna watch his wife's horse which got into the fucking Olympics, this man has shown a remarkable lack of empathy for his fellow humans. These examples aren't even scratching the surface.

And this is the man who is running on the Republican ticket for President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.

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